B69: Catalyst AC 45 - Start Your Engines

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B69 is in the water. Ben, Glyn and the team have been flat-out post-Christmas to finish her in time for launching. This included painting, installing the foam fenders, systems installation and bolting the four outboards (yes, four) onto the transom. The fitting of the engines really changed her appearance; she now, very much, looks powerful and purposeful—clearly a boat of action.

One of the reasons Catalysts are the chase boat of choice for elite sailing teams is their ability to carry a heavy payload whilst maintaining performance; our recent testing has shown that with 16 people and a few tonnes of equipment on board, 45 plus knots is still very achievable.

Shortly B69 will be on the transport ship to Europe. The next time we see her, she will be blasting around the waters of Port Vell in Barcelona.