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A chronicle of

Embarking on our maritime odyssey in 1985, Lloyd constructed his inaugural vessel, the Davidson 42 named Teddy Bear. The foundation of this endeavor was a steadfast work ethic, methodical adoption of cutting-edge technologies, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. These qualities soon attracted a stream of discerning clients aspiring to own a Lloyd Stevenson Boat, and thus, the journey of a legacy began.

<p>A chronicle of<br><strong>excellence</strong></p>

new pathways

Over the next three decades, Lloyd and Tracey Stevenson meticulously nurtured a dynamic team of New Zealand's foremost craftsmen, crafting some of the world's most distinguished boats. This passage of time has fostered a wealth of experience and the capacity to undertake diverse projects – from personal motor and sail boats to revolutionary carbon fibre race yachts and avant-garde custom super yacht tenders.

<p>Forging<br><strong>new pathways</strong></p>

The artistry
and expertise that
defines us

Within our shipyard, the synergy of in-house electrical, painting, and engineering teams coalesce to offer comprehensive project management for your new build or refit. Despite our extensive experience, we remain at the forefront of innovation, harmonizing modern construction technologies with the enduring quality ingrained in traditional boat building.

<p>The artistry<br>and expertise that<br><strong>defines us</strong></p>

Our journey

Built on the foundation of our team's skill, collective experience, and advanced facilities, we're equipped to deliver top-tier offerings across various waterborne vessels. Our journey narrates a tale of innovation, dedication, and an enduring commitment to crafting exceptional maritime solutions.

<p>Our journey<br><strong>continues</strong></p>